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Common Problems of Commercial Roofing in Crum Lynne PA

Commercial roofing — in Crum Lynne, there are just as many issues with commercial roofs as there are anywhere else. Let’s look at some of the most common:


Obviously, no matter what kind of building you are in, if there is wind, water, or sunlight coming in from the outside, there’s a problem that needs immediate attention.


Improper Adhesion/Billowing

If you have a flat roof, one of the less common but still relevant problems is known as ‘billowing.’ One or more plys of the roofing material can lift up in the wind if it’s not properly stuck down (adhered) — and single-ply materials could blow off entirely.

Poor Workmanship

If your roof is installed improperly, it can foreshorten the lifespan of your roof by a significant amount — and unfortunately, it’s one of those problems that you often don’t know about until it’s too late. The only real way to deal with it is to hire a contractor that offers extended (decade or longer) warranties for their commercial roofing. In Crum Lynne,Delaware County, there are a few such contractors.

Pooling Water

Pooling water — defined by National Roofing Contractors Association as ‘water that has been stationary on the roof for 48 or more hours’ — can be a danger in significantly less time than that. A one-inch deep pool of water weighs just over five pounds per square foot. The weight of the water can rapidly reach the point where it threatens the structural integrity of the roof itself.


Flat roofs are far easier to puncture than typical residential roofs — even more so if you have a single-ply flat roof. For a multi-ply roof, something as simple as a branch falling off of a tree can do damage that requires repair…a single ply can get punctured by a person walking on the roof.


Peculiar to single-ply roof, shrinkage can be seen around the flashing or pulling away from the walls, vents, or chimneys.


Peculiar to multi-ply roofs, blistering is seen when two plies separate with air or water in between them. Related events like ridging, splitting, and surface erosion share the same cause, and the same essential solution.

We strongly encourage every business owner (or commercial landlord) to look over their roof at least once a season and look for signs of any of the problems listed above. If you find any of the aforementioned problems, make sure to contact a Crum Lynne commercial roofing company that stands behind their work and has an established track record of quality.

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