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The Best Roofing Repair and Installation in Penns, Park, PA

Gomez Custom Builders, Inc. performs high-quality, cost-efficient roofing repair and installation. In Penns Park, we have put up hundreds of roofs on residences, apartments, commercial buildings, and other structures. From everyday ‘why is my ceiling stained?’ jobs to the consecutive 7-day weeks we put in helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy, GGC has been there keeping the folks of Bucks County stay warm, dry, and safe for over a decade.

Warrantied Work

It was only ten years ago that the industry standard for warranties on roofing workmanship was a single year. The shingles were guaranteed for 20 years or more, but if something went wrong with your roof and it was determined to be the fault of the workers who installed it more than a year ago…you were out of luck.

We decided that there was a problem when a customer could pay for 30 or 50 year roofing, and then end up paying all over again just 366 days later — which is why Gomez General Contracting offers a standard 15-year warranty on all of our work, including roofing. 

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High Quality

When you look at your work through the lens of a 15-year warranty, you start to think of it a little differently. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average American homeowner changes homes every 13 years — which means when we do your roof, we expect you to sell your home before we have to come visit again. So we do our work not just to meet your immediate needs, but with the understanding that at some point down the line, it’s going to have to stand up to a home inspector. Will any other roofing repair and installation in Penns, Park, PA pass that test?


One thing we’ve been asked about on our Testimonials page; some people mention getting several bids, and some people chose us because we were the least expensive. Others chose us because we were in the middle — and in some cases, we were the most expensive. Why is that the case?

Simple: Gomez General Contracting doesn’t try to compete on the basis of price. We compete on the basis of “we do a better job than the other guys, and we give you an estimate based on what we think it’ll take to do your job right.” Sometimes, that’s the lowest bid — sometimes, it’s the highest. We don’t expect to be the lowest (though it’s nice when it happens!). What we expect is to be the crew that’s going to do the job efficiently, and that means only doing the job once.

Some jobs are vital to get right the first time, especially when it affects your home. Select a roofing company that stands behind their roofing and materials and has a solid reputation like Gomez General Contracting Inc. Give us a call right now at (215) 543-7661

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