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3 Ways Siding can Save You Cash: From A Siding Contractor in Gwynedd, PA

If you’re already a siding contractor in Gwynedd, you probably know all this. If you’re not, and you own your own home, you might be interested to learn about a few ways that the right siding can save you money. Let’s jump right in:

Energy Efficiency

When you get the right siding, the single most obvious difference in your home (other than the appearance) is the sudden drop in your heating and cooling bill. Especially if your old siding was installed prior to 1992, you’ll find that any modern siding will drop your energy bill.

In the name of full disclosure, you should know that the improvement has almost nothing to do with the siding itself — the R value (how insulation is measured) of any siding is below one, and typical R values for a complete exterior wall range around 13-18. The difference is in the type of insulation used and how that insulation is installed. With the right insulation, the siding itself can add 4-R to your exterior wall — a very significant difference in terms of your monthly heating bill.

Long-Lasting Living Space

Siding doesn’t exist just to keep the heat in, however; it’s also there to act as armor for your home’s structure. Ask any siding contractor in Gwynedd, PA what a home without siding will look like after a week, and they’ll tell you; it ain’t pretty. If your siding has gaps, holes, or other damage, that ‘unpretty’ is already getting inside your walls; and the only way to keep it out is new siding.

Even if you don’t know for a fact that these un-pleasantries are inside your walls, getting new siding put on your house will give you the perfect opportunity to find out for yourself. Once the old, potentially-flawed armor is off, you’ll be able to see inside — and if there is a problem, have a contractor fix it before the new siding goes on. That’s worth a lot, both financially and in terms of simple security.

Resale Value

Finally, the trump card of new siding; it’s not only great for your home’s structural integrity, it’s also great for your home’s curb appeal. New siding often raises the resale value of the home far beyond the cost of the siding. If the old siding is in any way displeasing to the eye, the new siding will be well worth the investment.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should be looking into a new exterior for your home, call a Gwynedd siding contractor for an honest assessment; it’s often far more worthwhile than you might expect.

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